Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Could U nited Nations help solve the Missionaries' problems?

The short is NO NO NO. UNICEF in Kokcata CEO refused to meet though his secretary did tell me and my friend that Missionaries of Charity were teaching catechism to her child BUT she and the rest of the local Indian congregation were so worried that they stopped  Missionaries of Charity from teaching catechism- somehow they couldn't see the relation of their fears with what was happening in Missionaries of Charity's institutions. Moveover I took my book, Livermore's book and a DVD made in Prem Dan of foreign untrained  volunteers operating on a patient- ie cutting their flesh without anaesthetic!!! These were the Western Australian UN group.  
WHAT DID THEY DO??? simply 'lost' both books and the DVD more than 2 years ago 
Curtis and anaother recall watching it - maybe too much for them so they had to destroy all traces of evidence SO UN the abuse goes on and on on and on and on and on and on and on........

Friday, June 17, 2011

Malcom Muggeridge and Mother Teresa

Is is corruption?  In 1969 Malcom Muggeridge visited Mother's home for the dying destitute Nirmala Hiriday. Currently shut for 'repair' but probably likely from embarrassment for the accurate photos of abuse and neglect still reigning -see Hemley Gonzalez's stopmissionariesofcharity.com for details.
WHY and HOW could it still be so poor with neglect reigning and untrained people visiting to 'help'. Sadly I've meet pyschopathic people who parade as trianed doctors who enjoy practising surgery on the wounds of these unwanted people.
BUT Malcom Muggeridge was the first to really praise and highlight Mother Teresa which brough enormous amounts of money as donations.BUT Mother Teresa used Malcom Muggeridge's first donation to buy a gold ciborium/a chapel item. DID Malcom Muggeridge say that it was wrong to spend money not on what he had initially intended no- he was happy!! SOOOOOOO that's what has happened- the people looking striken attract funds for the nuns who are unwilling to spend it on making the environment better for the inmates as maybe if it looked too good they might lose the funding most of which is spent on airfares and supporting hundreds of convents worldwide!! 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Mother Teresa and Gandhi

Mother Teresa admired Gandhi but she also admire and take on his casteist policies...
When she said that the poor people of Surrey needed more than what the people of India and Lebanon needed and would be satisfied by - 'a plate of food and a big smile'
Gandhi wrote 1903 justifiying his concern for rights for Indians and not black or coloured South Africans with "If there is one thing which the Indian cherishes more than any other, it is the purity of the type"
Could explain why lower caste or non white people receive less services? 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Nuns used to display the orphans to obtain funds and favour

These are just a few of the 2,000 plus visitors that came to look at Missionaries of Charity Shishu Bavan home in Royapuram in Chennai South India. It was very stressful at times for some children who thought they might be adopted and others used to cower in fear. But one and all of the visitors used to donate money after their fly thru visit. These girls put together and donated a fidge for Christmas 1999 but it disappeared because I visited the kitchen often to try to find [almost always unsuccessful] unlocked food for hungry toddlers. Perhaps the nuns sold it.... who knows - they kept no proper account of donations and where they are used....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Truth is so hard to find- and so horrible to know

This little girl pictured in Mother Teresa's Mumbai/Bombay Byculla home is blind and unless people can complain to the appropriate authorities she will spend her life just like this because she is totally blind -having no eyes at birth. Late last year 2010 she was receiving no education and very poor food only from Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity who receive huge continuous donations from locals. The nuns prefer to spend these donations on religious activities and paraphenalia as well as airfares to the 400 plus convents they possess worldwide. If you are in Mumbai PLEASE consider visiting - it would be wonderful if you could assist this child and/or the other 5 blind children or the other children pictured on my first blog...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mother Teresa and Mao in China: how they compare

Could Mao Tse Tung's behaviour during the Great leap Forward commencing in 1959 can be seen as similar to Mother Teresa's??? Absolutely when one considers that both Mother and Mao believed "in a regimentation of their society along military lines in which each subordinate unit is expected to carry out orders without questions". from Mao's Great Famine   Check out Colette Livermore's Hope Endures  to learn that Mother Teresa also operated on these lines
-many have said that the more absolute power was the less truth it manages to produce
Note the above child was no one of Moa's victims but a child existing in Mother Teresa's Bombay Byculla home larte 2008- not present 2010 - possibly dead

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mother Teresa sisters don't mind neglect for their inmates

This child is Anjuli in late 2008. She looks quiet and not active. That's because she had a very high fever -although it would be another six days befire any nun took her to a doctor where they found out she was suffering from TYPHOID FEVER. It was not possible to intervene as the nuns do not take kindly to help if its directed towards the inmates. Though they readily accept money and any other item which will be stored first and then given away to local Christians or sold in the marketplace!
This child is also hearing impaired- it took me some weeks to realise this when I finally noticed in this home's very noisy environment she only used noises to communicate. How hearing impaired? though I found an excellent local organisation willing to educate her on a regular basis five days a week, the nuns refused to take up the offer. They told me that they would allow her for edcation the next June - more than six months away!  Anjuli I was told was four years plus - but could be much older as is a habit of the nuns to make the children younger. She had no medical record or any record of her life at all.
Please STOPMISSIONARIESOFCHARITY.COM  from neglecting their inmates ASAP

Monday, February 28, 2011

Mother Teresa's theology encourages neglect....

Recently reading in Elephants on the Edge Jung's belief that- 'the potential for legitimizing violence threatens whenever an individual transfers his/her rights and responsibilities to an invisible organisation- a person who merges his/her identity with a group necessarily adopts its principles ....

thinking of the media approach towards Mother Teresa one could be shocked to think this could apply to her nuns BUT observing the state of many of her homes and reading in her books that  if her nuns practice obedience they will definitely go to heaven ....
Hence this child became this emaciated because she was not fed appropraite Lactogen instead was given a substitute consisting  mostly of starch and sugar and very few vitamins.... but no one could stop this because Mother herself had started using this donated Belgium product twnety years earlier.... as some volunteers have experienced their help is not required unless it fits into exactly what the nuns order

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mother Teresa- WHY Sainthood?

This is Shevani's photo from December 2008. In 2010 she was sitting up and rocking herself. She was still unable to speak or do anything for herself. She is a perfectly normal child who was born without eyes. Now nearly 5 years of age,  Mother Teresa's nuns had refused or been unable to educate her even just to speak!!!
Should Mother Teresa who had trained her order of nuns -'clones' as Germaine Greer put it, be made a saint when her nuns simply keep unwanted children in a kind of zoo for visitors?  Over many years I have seen many visitors donate vast sums and items which are almost never given to the children and people in the homes. Donations are simply used by the Mother Teresa nuns to creat more convents workdwide from which they are expected to convert and support especially local Roman Catholics.
The Vatican expects saints to be dedicated to praying to God. There is no need in the Vatican's eyes for saints, especially Blessed Mother Teresa to be concerned with any interests other than spiritual for the poorest of the poor in her homes. Hence there are many Shevanis in her homes- blind children especially girls given no education at all.
I believe VOLUNTERS have been intimated to maintain the low standards in so many of Mother Teresa homes-   

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Suffering is my mother" said Mother Teresa

And 23 of August this year Superior General Mary Prema said :
"But, I am convinced that God allows suffering because it can transform us into better and more profound people. Thus, we are able to understand that this world and this life are not the ultimate goal, but that there is something more: the life of the soul which - if one really accepts suffering - is purified."
But how can this baby appreciate this in Missionaries of Charity Calcutta home photographed in May 2000 where she was being fed substitute milk "Monidyne" causing her to suffer marasmus? This is when as there is insufficient nutrition the body starts to eat itself- after the external muscles are depleted to provide fuel for the internal organs then and this child was probably at this stage, the body starts breaking down the internal muscles of the organs - heart and brain and more. Due to lack of interest and education the nuns did not follow the correct protocol to avoid this - by weighing the child and feeding appropriate corresponding amounts of protein and other items to save her life.
But the Superior Prema (Agenzia Fides 23/08/2010)said  ":Everyone knows that she is a saint - both Hindus and Christians here in Calcutta and in most places where we are present - this is beyond doubt. Everyone expects a miracle...but Mother Teresa was that miracle for the world and humanity."
But I witnessed 20 babies in her homes die unnecessarily....  her 'miracle' didn't save them- only good nutrition, attention and real love would have

Thursday, January 20, 2011

'Missionaries of Charity homes are Overdue for improvements!!!

This is one of many letters volunteers provided me over the years to present to the then 'Missionaries of Charity CEO -Superior General Nirmala to encourage her to improve conditions. Over the years attempts to alert the nuns that their homes and conditions were nowhere near good enough fell on deaf ears!!!AND CONTINUE TO!!  I spoke with Nirmala more than a dozen times. I presented letters from volunteers who were concerned enough to speak out even at risk of being possibly subsequently disallowed to continue volunteering. The tragic thing remains that due to the 'Missionaries of Charity using below minimum staffing levels, seriously low wages and discouraging locals from volunteering, the foreign volunteers are providing essential functions!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Irressponsible CEO of 710 Mother Teresa homes!

In December 2010 Sister' Mary Prema as the current Superior General/CEO of Missionaries of Charity  IS ONLY available for consultation on the state of the 710 institutions she is in charge of when she wants to be! Yes when I wished to remind her that there were problems in her Mumbai/Bombay/Byculla home dating back and still existent she was unavailabe for at least the next three following weeks!  This CEO has no Deputy.  One of the nuns from Missionaries of Charity Managing Council with whom I discussed the situation was visibly and audibly diisnterested in any  problem and became furious when I said that I would xerox my letter to her Superior. Though Missionaries of Charity DO have had a website for years there was no available email contact or any Deputy who could attend to any complaint or suggestion that all other companies usually provide. This num was visibly annoyed that someone had pointed out that  the five blind girls in Byculla were being ignored and neglected so much that none of them could utter a single word! 
This refusal to attend to problems involving residents by simply dismissing the complainant from continuing or ever volunteering in this organisation again is a common experience when I've talked with volunteers in Calcutta.Most companies are concerned with profit but this company uses a zoo-like environment to emotionally compel generous people to donate money and in Mumbai they donated acres of items- I saw truckloads taken away in 2008 alone.  People also give an undisclosed amount of money- which one ex Missionary of Charity told me amounted to thousands of dollars daily on her watch back nearly 20 years ago! But the conditions in the 'homes' remain in 1950s style and the food miserable and non- nutritous- I've tasted it! and some of it made me dry-retch!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mother Teresa WAS the BAD one!

Because I started volunteering just after Mother Teresa died in 1997. In Trivandrum the capital city of Kerala in a leafy street I saw conditions in her home which have given me nightmares ever since. Firstly I was asked to help look after the five toddlers. These children were trapped in cots painted with paint containing lead and on sodden sheets. Their physical state was pitiful. One child was scratching his head relentlessly- his hair was full of lice; another boy was banging his head against the cot, a little girl was imitating the head banger; another little girl, Judy, started screaming the moment she saw me but there was one perhaps normal child who held out her arms for me to hold her- saying 'Amah, amah' [mother]. There was an Indian girl who was also volunteering that day- and she said that Judy had screamed when she had first set eyes on her as well. Why were these children in such a condition? during the entire day after they were given a cold water bath they were not allowed to leave their cots. We had to watch them cry because they were not allowed out to play until 5pm [when we had gone]  Needless to say I didn't see the Indian girl the next day and the children themselves disppeared without a trace another day later.
Actually the first person to notice and worry about the problems in Mother Teresa's in 1988 did tell me he believed the conditions improved after she died- though sadly not immediately.- and only in little ways such as allowing music to be played... to be continued...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Your help could change children's lives!

Due to personal technical difficulties -[fortunately now resolved!]this blog is late. However I'm wondering if any of you people could send emails to the Archbishop's House  bombaydiocese@vsnl.com  or to any reliable Catholics about improving especially the state of life for the five blind girls [who as I wrote about earlier in my blog] in late 2010 were still enduring a miserable existance- not even learning how to talk and spending most of the time alone inside  metal cots. In 2008 I had been unable in 3 months to encourage the Missionary of Charity nuns to let them attend the Bombay Dada Blind School. I went to the Bishop - one of five in Bombay/Mumbai and spoke at length and wrote several pages describing their situation and sadly that of many other neglected children]in 2008.  He emailed 6 months after our meeting  to say how co-operative the nuns were. BUT when I returned in 2010 and visited NOTHING had changed for these girls - nothing in their life had improved!!!  The usual- nameless cots, nothing of their own, nobody speaking to them...