Monday, January 10, 2011

Your help could change children's lives!

Due to personal technical difficulties -[fortunately now resolved!]this blog is late. However I'm wondering if any of you people could send emails to the Archbishop's House  or to any reliable Catholics about improving especially the state of life for the five blind girls [who as I wrote about earlier in my blog] in late 2010 were still enduring a miserable existance- not even learning how to talk and spending most of the time alone inside  metal cots. In 2008 I had been unable in 3 months to encourage the Missionary of Charity nuns to let them attend the Bombay Dada Blind School. I went to the Bishop - one of five in Bombay/Mumbai and spoke at length and wrote several pages describing their situation and sadly that of many other neglected children]in 2008.  He emailed 6 months after our meeting  to say how co-operative the nuns were. BUT when I returned in 2010 and visited NOTHING had changed for these girls - nothing in their life had improved!!!  The usual- nameless cots, nothing of their own, nobody speaking to them...    

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