Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mother Teresa- WHY Sainthood?

This is Shevani's photo from December 2008. In 2010 she was sitting up and rocking herself. She was still unable to speak or do anything for herself. She is a perfectly normal child who was born without eyes. Now nearly 5 years of age,  Mother Teresa's nuns had refused or been unable to educate her even just to speak!!!
Should Mother Teresa who had trained her order of nuns -'clones' as Germaine Greer put it, be made a saint when her nuns simply keep unwanted children in a kind of zoo for visitors?  Over many years I have seen many visitors donate vast sums and items which are almost never given to the children and people in the homes. Donations are simply used by the Mother Teresa nuns to creat more convents workdwide from which they are expected to convert and support especially local Roman Catholics.
The Vatican expects saints to be dedicated to praying to God. There is no need in the Vatican's eyes for saints, especially Blessed Mother Teresa to be concerned with any interests other than spiritual for the poorest of the poor in her homes. Hence there are many Shevanis in her homes- blind children especially girls given no education at all.
I believe VOLUNTERS have been intimated to maintain the low standards in so many of Mother Teresa homes-   

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  1. hey sally. this is anni, we met in Kolkatta and spent some time in the slum and Park Circus. Go for it writing, it is great :)!