Friday, June 17, 2011

Malcom Muggeridge and Mother Teresa

Is is corruption?  In 1969 Malcom Muggeridge visited Mother's home for the dying destitute Nirmala Hiriday. Currently shut for 'repair' but probably likely from embarrassment for the accurate photos of abuse and neglect still reigning -see Hemley Gonzalez's for details.
WHY and HOW could it still be so poor with neglect reigning and untrained people visiting to 'help'. Sadly I've meet pyschopathic people who parade as trianed doctors who enjoy practising surgery on the wounds of these unwanted people.
BUT Malcom Muggeridge was the first to really praise and highlight Mother Teresa which brough enormous amounts of money as donations.BUT Mother Teresa used Malcom Muggeridge's first donation to buy a gold ciborium/a chapel item. DID Malcom Muggeridge say that it was wrong to spend money not on what he had initially intended no- he was happy!! SOOOOOOO that's what has happened- the people looking striken attract funds for the nuns who are unwilling to spend it on making the environment better for the inmates as maybe if it looked too good they might lose the funding most of which is spent on airfares and supporting hundreds of convents worldwide!! 

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