Monday, February 28, 2011

Mother Teresa's theology encourages neglect....

Recently reading in Elephants on the Edge Jung's belief that- 'the potential for legitimizing violence threatens whenever an individual transfers his/her rights and responsibilities to an invisible organisation- a person who merges his/her identity with a group necessarily adopts its principles ....

thinking of the media approach towards Mother Teresa one could be shocked to think this could apply to her nuns BUT observing the state of many of her homes and reading in her books that  if her nuns practice obedience they will definitely go to heaven ....
Hence this child became this emaciated because she was not fed appropraite Lactogen instead was given a substitute consisting  mostly of starch and sugar and very few vitamins.... but no one could stop this because Mother herself had started using this donated Belgium product twnety years earlier.... as some volunteers have experienced their help is not required unless it fits into exactly what the nuns order

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mother Teresa- WHY Sainthood?

This is Shevani's photo from December 2008. In 2010 she was sitting up and rocking herself. She was still unable to speak or do anything for herself. She is a perfectly normal child who was born without eyes. Now nearly 5 years of age,  Mother Teresa's nuns had refused or been unable to educate her even just to speak!!!
Should Mother Teresa who had trained her order of nuns -'clones' as Germaine Greer put it, be made a saint when her nuns simply keep unwanted children in a kind of zoo for visitors?  Over many years I have seen many visitors donate vast sums and items which are almost never given to the children and people in the homes. Donations are simply used by the Mother Teresa nuns to creat more convents workdwide from which they are expected to convert and support especially local Roman Catholics.
The Vatican expects saints to be dedicated to praying to God. There is no need in the Vatican's eyes for saints, especially Blessed Mother Teresa to be concerned with any interests other than spiritual for the poorest of the poor in her homes. Hence there are many Shevanis in her homes- blind children especially girls given no education at all.
I believe VOLUNTERS have been intimated to maintain the low standards in so many of Mother Teresa homes-   

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Suffering is my mother" said Mother Teresa

And 23 of August this year Superior General Mary Prema said :
"But, I am convinced that God allows suffering because it can transform us into better and more profound people. Thus, we are able to understand that this world and this life are not the ultimate goal, but that there is something more: the life of the soul which - if one really accepts suffering - is purified."
But how can this baby appreciate this in Missionaries of Charity Calcutta home photographed in May 2000 where she was being fed substitute milk "Monidyne" causing her to suffer marasmus? This is when as there is insufficient nutrition the body starts to eat itself- after the external muscles are depleted to provide fuel for the internal organs then and this child was probably at this stage, the body starts breaking down the internal muscles of the organs - heart and brain and more. Due to lack of interest and education the nuns did not follow the correct protocol to avoid this - by weighing the child and feeding appropriate corresponding amounts of protein and other items to save her life.
But the Superior Prema (Agenzia Fides 23/08/2010)said  ":Everyone knows that she is a saint - both Hindus and Christians here in Calcutta and in most places where we are present - this is beyond doubt. Everyone expects a miracle...but Mother Teresa was that miracle for the world and humanity."
But I witnessed 20 babies in her homes die unnecessarily....  her 'miracle' didn't save them- only good nutrition, attention and real love would have