Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mother Teresa and Mao in China: how they compare

Could Mao Tse Tung's behaviour during the Great leap Forward commencing in 1959 can be seen as similar to Mother Teresa's??? Absolutely when one considers that both Mother and Mao believed "in a regimentation of their society along military lines in which each subordinate unit is expected to carry out orders without questions". from Mao's Great Famine   Check out Colette Livermore's Hope Endures  to learn that Mother Teresa also operated on these lines
-many have said that the more absolute power was the less truth it manages to produce
Note the above child was no one of Moa's victims but a child existing in Mother Teresa's Bombay Byculla home larte 2008- not present 2010 - possibly dead

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mother Teresa sisters don't mind neglect for their inmates

This child is Anjuli in late 2008. She looks quiet and not active. That's because she had a very high fever -although it would be another six days befire any nun took her to a doctor where they found out she was suffering from TYPHOID FEVER. It was not possible to intervene as the nuns do not take kindly to help if its directed towards the inmates. Though they readily accept money and any other item which will be stored first and then given away to local Christians or sold in the marketplace!
This child is also hearing impaired- it took me some weeks to realise this when I finally noticed in this home's very noisy environment she only used noises to communicate. How hearing impaired? though I found an excellent local organisation willing to educate her on a regular basis five days a week, the nuns refused to take up the offer. They told me that they would allow her for edcation the next June - more than six months away!  Anjuli I was told was four years plus - but could be much older as is a habit of the nuns to make the children younger. She had no medical record or any record of her life at all.
Please STOPMISSIONARIESOFCHARITY.COM  from neglecting their inmates ASAP