Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mother Teresa WAS the BAD one!

Because I started volunteering just after Mother Teresa died in 1997. In Trivandrum the capital city of Kerala in a leafy street I saw conditions in her home which have given me nightmares ever since. Firstly I was asked to help look after the five toddlers. These children were trapped in cots painted with paint containing lead and on sodden sheets. Their physical state was pitiful. One child was scratching his head relentlessly- his hair was full of lice; another boy was banging his head against the cot, a little girl was imitating the head banger; another little girl, Judy, started screaming the moment she saw me but there was one perhaps normal child who held out her arms for me to hold her- saying 'Amah, amah' [mother]. There was an Indian girl who was also volunteering that day- and she said that Judy had screamed when she had first set eyes on her as well. Why were these children in such a condition? during the entire day after they were given a cold water bath they were not allowed to leave their cots. We had to watch them cry because they were not allowed out to play until 5pm [when we had gone]  Needless to say I didn't see the Indian girl the next day and the children themselves disppeared without a trace another day later.
Actually the first person to notice and worry about the problems in Mother Teresa's in 1988 did tell me he believed the conditions improved after she died- though sadly not immediately.- and only in little ways such as allowing music to be played... to be continued...

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  1. Not Bharat-Ratna, she was a Bharat-Kalankini.