Friday, December 28, 2012

Was Mother Teresa unaware of poorest of poor's physical needs?

These two publications I was given by the Missionaries of Charity in 2002. Inside are various respected programs defining basic needs for child development and how to achieve the best possible development.  Several humdred pages of excellent methods and desired outcomes are clearly printed. It was published in 2000 yet Mother Teresa expired in 1997. But at the end of the blue book it explains that from at least 1986 the Missionaries of Charity- presumably Mother Teresa too were recipients of ideas and programs from many in the education and healthcare fields including local Indian experts. Around this time Brother Andrew who as the head of the  Missionaries of Charity Brothers decided to commence an educational program for the MCs to improve the lives of those especially in the Brothers' Homes of which he was in charge at that time. He did commence educational programs which have contimued though he was forced to resign from Missionaries of Charity in 1987 and return to Australia [where he gave much valued retreats.]
When I received these books I was staggeerd and remain so because the conditions I've encountered in the homes I've worked in -though they don't include the Brothers' Homes- have remained so dire. Check Hemley Gonzalez sites where it is confirmed that more than a decade after these were published that the nuns have so many homes still unnecessarily lacking in supplying basic needs of food, water and education.
How many copies were published? who knows ?  I do know that the "Not by Bread Alone" manuals which local expert pediatricans supplied ten copies to Mother House somehow were lost. Even when I supplied a printed copy from an attachment this must have been 'lost' also as the clear simple cheap ideas and program were never implemented. 


  1. If they do it , they should have a purpose why they do it, and since its a charity for sure its for the better. Just believe in your self.

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  2. Dear Xtinita
    thanks for your comment. Have you recently visited or volunteered in Mother Teresa's Kolkata or Mumbai homes? I would be very interested in your opinions on the conditions the children are in

  3. Really nice info..Thanks for sharing.